Many business know the importance of protecting their systems against viruses. However, the potential threats to a business now extend far beyond viruses.

It is the information you use in your business that is of most interest to hackers. There are two main threats: loss of vital data and information and unauthorised access. IT Security and Access Management include a range of measures to protect your business from the range of possible security threats


  • Assurance your business is protected to a level appropriate to your business
  • Assurance your business is protected from external access of confidential information and applications
  • Ensuring access to information and applications is only available to authorised external users
  • Assurance that the risks to the business have been identified and are being managed
  • Ensuring the security of the information and the IT are being continually monitored
  • Assurance that security breaches will be identified and further action taken
  • Ensuring staff know their responsibilities for protecting the business
  • Ensuring that suppliers and vendors of other IT related products are respecting the integrity and confidentiality of the information of the business

Protection can include the writing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the protections that are put in place are maintained. We can provide additional training of staff where this is required.

In technical terms the services provided include Antivirus and Malware protection; Internet Gateway security, and Email security.

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