Business Services Team

James Sutton – Managing Director

“My passion for both business and IT started at an early age when I set up my own business at 13, selling lollies to the kids at my high school. I used the profits to buy my first computer. I’ve worked in IT for 14 years now, with the last 8 at Office Solutions IT.”

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Amanda Hudson – Accounts Administrator

“I have been working in accounts and administration for the past 7 years. Photography is a passion of mine, with skills waiting to be developed. I have sparkalaphobia which is a fear of glitter.”

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Lisa Cassin – Receptionist

“I am new to the IT industry, joining Office Solutions IT in February 2017. I am a qualified make-up artist, enjoy keeping fit and I am a proud dog mum”.

Ruel Liguid – Accounts Support

“I have been working as an accountant in multi-national companies for the last 5 years and I find it unique for people like me in the outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, to be able to work with different nationalities. Now I have found a wonderful team at Office Solutions IT. Music is my passion but I’m too shy to sing in a big crowd. I only sing at home and with a few friends in a karaoke bar! I also like going to the beach”.


Louise Hogan – HR Manager

“I have worked in HR for the past 10 years, in both small and large organisations. The IT industry is new to me, having joined Office Solutions IT in 2016. My IT skills are questionable (at best) which makes being surrounded by IT gurus very helpful. I enjoy keeping fit, the beach, music and spending time with my family and friends”.

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David Hall – Service Delivery Manager

“I started breaking computers when I was 12 and have been fixing them ever since. I’ve worked in IT for 10 years and play bass guitar in a local rock band.”

Jamie van Walsum – Service Delivery Engineer

“I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and have worked in the IT industry for the past 4 years. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, running and programming”. 


Des Taurima – Sales Administrator

“For the last few years I have been working in the desert, in Supply Chain Management, at one of Australia’s premiere Gold Mines. I have a background in IT, Business and Supply Chain Management. The recent move back to Perth has been amazing as my interests include spearfishing, surfing, rugby and most other sports.”

Mandy Love – Sales Support

“I have been working in Administration roles for the past ten years over various industries including Print Marketing, Mining equipment, Construction and I have now made the transition into the IT industry working at Office Solutions IT in a Sales Support Role. My passion is Netball where I am involved as a coach in a State league capacity for the Wheatbelt Flames U18s division who play in the premier competition in WA. My other interests involve rugby where I’ve held previous roles as a Rugby analyst and rugby journalist.”

Raymond Enrile – Sales Support

“My passion lies in building things, whether it be new computers, bunk beds or custom bikes. I have over 15 years experience in the IT industry and have built more than 1500 custom built computer systems in that time.”

Rafferty Cha – Sales Support

“I have been working in the IT industry for about 5 years. I graduated at San Beda College, Manila with a degree in International Business and Entrepreneurial Management. I am a car enthusiast and love anything car related. I also enjoy reading a good book. ”

Eward Gabot – Sales Support

“A Civil Engineer exposed to Trade and Marketing including overseas Marketing and Sales. I worked from different industries in Engineering and Trade and it’s a big shift to be in an IT Industry which pretty much advance and fun. And Oh, I love playing guitar and music is my number 1 interest. I also love trying out new food recipes and especially baking when I’m bored.”

Business Development Team

James Sutherland – Director

“I have amassed 26 years in the IT Industry, working for the past 20 years as Director of Office Solutions IT. Prior to working in the IT industry, I worked as a professional radio announcer on 2 commercial stations, interviewing the likes of John Farnham, Jim Barnes & Michael Hutchence. I am passionate about sports, competing in yearly events such as the Rottnest Swim and Ride for Youth.”

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Igor Pavic – Director

“I have spent the last 13 years working in IT, with 10 years at Office Solutions IT. When I was young I played the violin and I once grew my hair halfway down my back. I also have a keen interest in cycling.”

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Blue Team

Ken King – IT Manager
Prior to spending the last 10 years in the IT industry, I spent 12 years competing in ice hockey at a very high level,  4 years building trucks at GM and saving lives on the beach in QLD.”

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Jarrod Bright – Project Engineer

“I have been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, and doing IT project management for the last 5 years. I have a great passion for cooking, have played and coached cricket and hockey, and used to be a dance music DJ.”

Steve Stavreski – Senior Support Engineer

“For the last 14 years I’ve worked in IT, with the most recent 5 spent at Office Solutions IT.  In my off time I enjoy the outdoors, be it  riding my motorbike, hiking or rock-climbing.”


Stephen Murphy – Support Engineer

“I’ve been working in the IT industry for the last 15 years, joining Office Solutions IT in November 2016. I enjoy martial arts, cycling and I love food. I’m known around the office for being the guy who loves online shopping. ”

Shannon Chin – Support Engineer

Daniel Bragante – Support Engineer

“I’ve been working in the IT industry since I was 16 and have experience overseas as well as in the Australian market. Keeping myself up-to-date with new technologies is what I like the most about IT and I constantly aim to get certified and to update the current certifications I hold. Outside work I spent most of my time with my family and exercising.”

Filman Bongco – Maintenance Engineer

“I have worked in the IT Industry for local companies and also abroad as an in-house IT Personnel. I would say my love for IT is still as high as the first time I’ve used a computer. I play guitar for a band and do some artwork during my free time.”

Green Team

Tristan Dall – IT Manager

“I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and one in Engineering and have worked in IT for the past 10 years. I confess I was 22 years old before I ever stepped onto a Transperth bus. One of my secret superpowers is the ability to whistle two notes in harmony simultaneously.”

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Chris Hanson – Project Engineer

“I moved from England to Australia when I was 11. I have worked in the IT industry for the past 7 years, with the last 4 years  at Office Solutions IT. Some may be surprised to learn that I can squat 140kgs.”

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Neale Williams – Senior Support Engineer

“I have worked in IT in Australia and overseas for the last 13 years. I am a keen cyclist who is addicted to Strava. I used to be a Lifeguard and I have been a volunteer Archaeologist.”

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Tim Plumb – Support Engineer 

“With over 15 years IT experience, including 10 years owning and operating a computer store, it’s fair to say I am passionate about computers. I also consider myself a bit of a DIY home renovation enthusiast”

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Sean Kocis – Support Engineer

“Like everyone else in the green team, I too am an avid cyclist. My foray into technology started when I was 8 – I would constantly pull apart my dad’s computer, much to his ‘delight’.”

Vladimir Samardzic – Support Engineer

“In 2009, I moved from Europe to Australia. I’ve been working in IT since 2013, starting with Office Solutions IT in 2017. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors whether it be camping, hiking or travelling and I love sports.”

Leo Horlanda – Maintenance Engineer 

“I started my love of computers when I was still at the age of 7, when my cousin bought an AST machine and amazed me. I started working in the IT industry for a local company for the past 10 years. I spend my free time playing basketball and watching movies with my family.”

Red Team

Daniel O’Sullivan – IT Manager

 “I’ve been working in IT for 15 years, working for multinational companies around Australia and Ireland. I’ve travelled all over the world with my wife, so far we’ve seen 43 countries. I’m an amateur baker, like photography and getting out and about.” 

Gareth Harris – Senior Support Engineer

“I’ve been working in IT for over 10 years, and I couldn’t imagine any other industry that is as varied or rewarding. Primarily in the managed services space, I can safely say that no company has made me feel as welcome and at home as Office Solutions IT has.

Outside of the office, I enjoy photography, video games, mountain biking, beach volleyball and most importantly, my family.”

Shanil Daya – Project Engineer

“I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Information Systems and have worked at Office Solutions IT for the past 3 years. I like the great outdoors and consider myself a skilled cook on the BBQ.”

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Victor Dane – Project Engineer

“I first saw a computer when I was 6 in army underground “secret” IT room and I’ve been interested in computers ever since. I got my first computer when I was 8 and have over 10 years of IT experience. Outside work I love playing football and boxing. I am also my son’s favourite superhero called “SuperDad” and I’ve watched all episodes of  TV Show ‘Friends’ 18 times.”

Jamien Price – Support Engineer

“After years of begging I was the last in my primary school class to get a PC. When the day finally came, I absorbed as much as possible to catch up – and never stopped learning. I subsequently spent the next decade as “the IT guy” to friends and family and decided to turn it into a career. Outside IT, I’ve been flying planes since I was 12 and enjoy jumping on my street-bike for fun.”

Aaron Merrifield – Support Engineer

“My passion for all things IT began at a very young age and has followed me through to adulthood. I built my first computer when I was 14 and now I have over 12 years of experience working within the IT industry. Outside of work I love spending time with my children and fishing.”

Michael Feighan – Support Engineer

“I have been breaking and fixing computers since I was 6. I had my own computer repair shop for 7 years. When I’m not tinkering with computers I’m either wetting a line, or thinking of my next crazy beer to brew.”

Ryan Ayade – Maintenance Engineer

“I’ve been working in IT industry for the past 5 years, mostly systems administration. In my free time, I enjoy riding motorbikes, video games and mountain biking.”

Purple Team

Adam Risbey – IT Manager

“I’ve worked in the IT industry since I was 18, initially as a web developer before the .COM crash, then in to infrastructure and systems integration. In my down time I enjoy table tennis and spending time with my family, while being able to live a great work/life balance.”

Stuart Downing – Senior Support Engineer 

“I have two pet pythons and I have over 400 games on Steam. My interest in IT started early, with my first computer being a Microbee 64, which was followed up with a 386 SX with Windows 3.1. My first full time IT job was in 1999.”

Anthony Zorbas – Project Engineer

“I’ve worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. I enjoy pretty much anything active whether it be the gym, rock climbing or the beach and am known for my mad obsession with Jeeps, which I primarily spend my weekends fixing.”

Mark Davidoff – Support Engineer

“Still in my diapers, I flipped the power switch on my dad’s DOS PC. He screamed, I flipped the switch back on. His PC booted with a musical jingle and we both laughed. Since that moment, I grew to love technology, and also continued to break and fix my dad’s PCs through the years. Each time, I leveled-up until I had manifested a super-power/perk that causes technology to magically fix itself when I walk into a room.”

Charlie Gargett – Support Engineer

“I’ve accumulated more than 25 years experience in the IT industry across a broad range of disciplines, however my primary interest remains in infrastructure and networking. I have drafted, negotiated and received grant for 3 technology patents (virtual networking software) here in Australia, the US, Europe and China. My innovations have also accumulated around a dozen awards including WAITA, AIIA & APICTA through to winning the Global Security Challenge in London.

I’m also a cycling fanatic where I established and continue to manage a team of 18 athletes. My proudest racing moment was representing Australia at the 2016 UCI Masters World Championships.”

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