We provide specialist advice, tools and expertise to your internal IT team.

We call this Shared IT.

This can significantly improve their ability to assist your business. We can provide your staff with a service that backs up their own knowledge and expertise.

At the management level, we provide an IT Manager who assists with advice and specialist expertise. Our IT Manager helps your IT staff  to manage your IT, coordinates service, and is a liaison point between the business and the service team.

What’s in it for you?

  • Faster resolution of incidents because your staff can rely on our team of over 20 IT professionals
  • Improve the efficiency of your IT staff through skill transfer between our experts and your staff
  • Less downtime because there is Help Desk coverage if your staff are on leave
  • Less downtime and quicker incident resolution through the use of device monitoring
  • Less cost through assistance in budgeting to ensure IT expenditure aimed at areas of greatest business impact
  • Lower costs through better budgeting and access to vendors, product knowledge and buying power not available to an internal team
  • Improved efficiency as your own IT staff do not have to spend time researching and updating themselves on issues that have little value to your business

At an operational level, the help desk team provides:

  • The ability for your internal IT team to escalate issues to our support team with a single click
  • Access to a vast knowledge base. You can tap into insights from of our IT team which looks after hundreds of clients with different technologies, environments and industries
  • A team that has no sick days, has a weekend roster and specialized skills
  • Confidence in knowing your IT environment is constantly monitored and your team will be alerted when issues occur

We can also provide a help desk ticketing system for internal use. This ticketing system provides:

  • Automated request creation via email
  • A ticket tracking function to measure the time taken to respond to and resolve issues
  • A system for tracking persistent issues to identify problems areas in your IT environment
  • Device monitoring to generate alerts if issues are detected, e.g. a hard drive failing or an antivirus program not working
  • A reporting system that provides insights into the health of your IT environment alongside associated costs
  • Automatic installation of the latest Microsoft Windows and supported application patches

Shared IT includes powerful IT management software, zero downtime for your IT team as well as effective ticketing and task management functions.

What our clients say:

“Office Solutions IT (OSIT) and our business are a match made in heaven. The OSIT team are, like us, a little crazy when it comes to things they are passionate about and when the heat is on they are cool in a crisis. We continue to throw them challenges and they just get better!”

Tracy Costanzo, Office Manager – Perth Glory Football Club

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