Organise your information.

When used effectively, Microsoft SharePoint can be a powerful filing system and document workflow manager. This means you and your team can easily find the information you’re looking for.

SharePoint enables team collaboration and integrates social networks, websites  and business intelligence. It can also integrate your internal processes and allow for automation of workflows.

For more details on what SharePoint can do for you, visit our SharePoint page.

What’s in it for you?

  • Improve customer satisfaction and efficiency through automating business processes
  • Staff can quickly and easily store, process and retrieve the information needed for their work
  • Centralised storage, easy editing and easy location of templates
  • Centralised storage of prices lists, vendor manuals, standards,
  • Implement an internal home page for staff that keeps them up to date with the business and allows them to easily access work areas
  • Better manage projects and other collaborative activities
  • Process mapping and improved business intelligence
  • Digital workflows such as purchasing or leave forms
  • Reduction in lost paperwork or double handling of paperwork
  • Transitioning new staff is much easier as they can locate the information they need
  • It’s easy to locate documents and records in the case of a tax audit
  • Eliminate clutter from the office through digital storage

We offer a SharePoint design service to match these capabilities to your business. We also offer a Content Management service which assists you in organising your information in a way that makes sense for your business.

SharePoint allows for custom development so you’re not limited to pre-made components. We also offer a SharePoint Development service to create custom apps and add-ins for your business.

We can help you design and maintain your SharePoint site either on your premises or in the cloud.

What our clients say:

“We are a close knit team that thrives under pressure and works in the area of Family Law. We rely on our IT systems and their performance and we have found Office Solutions IT is proactive in the maintenance and security of our core infrastructure.”

Linda Richardson - Director – Kim Wilson & Co

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