Change Management is aimed at minimising the disruptions to your business and reducing the chance of failure when making changes.

There are two types of change management we can assist you with:

  • Organisational change management – assessing the impact on the organisation; the jobs that people have, the processes they use, the communication channels now required and changes in organisation structure
  • Systems change management – assessing the impact and the risks on the other systems used within the organisation.

We can provide both types of service at different levels depending on the degree of change a new system will require. For some kinds of business, the implementation of changes need to be auditable.


  • Delivering change faster at lower cost
  • Protecting your business, and other services, while making required changes
  • Reducing the chance and impact of failed changes
  • Delivering change promptly to meet business timescales
  • Improving staff productivity by minimising disruptions caused by high levels of unplanned or ‘emergency’ change
  • Identification of opportunities for business improvement.

Change management is typically used in conjunction with software or package related changes where the scope is large enough that there is an element of risk. It is a facilitated process where our consultants and your business experts assess the impact of the change on other parts of the organisation or on the systems, the risks associated with the change and what has to be done to mitigate the risks.

Change Management is not the same as Project Management. Project management is typically focused on what needs to be done for the project specifically. It is not concerned with the impact of the project on other areas of the business as it assumes this has already been assessed.

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