Capacity management refers to the ability of your systems to cope with the workload. The most common symptom of a capacity issue is your system becomes “slow”.

Availability management refers to the amount of time your systems are up rather than not working.

Our event monitoring software captures the capacity of each device and alerts us to when the capacity is falling and when it is getting high and critical levels. We can also capture the availability data of your devices and investigate the reasons for the problems.


  • Improving the performance and availability of your IT by helping to reduce capacity- and performance-related issues
  • Ensuring required capacity and performance are provided in the most cost-effective manner
  • Contributing to improved customer satisfaction and staff productivity by ensuring that systems are available as much as possible
  • Ensuring that changes to IT don’t result in significant loss of capacity, performance or availability
  • Improved budgeting because changes to capacity and performance are being monitored so new purchases to increase capacity can be forecast much earlier

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