Know what’s going on so you can make informed decisions.

As part of our IT support, we provide regular reports to provide you with a clear understanding of the state of your IT.  Your IT Manager will review and discuss these reports with you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Improved productivity through monitoring and updating of outdated or obsolete equipment
  • Improved productivity through identification of areas for improvement such as staff training needs
  • Assurance that decision making is based on accurate and timely data about your systems
  • Assurance that your IT is performing optimally and underlying issues are quickly identified
  • Assurance that your software is correctly licensed and would pass a potential Microsoft or other vendor’s audit.

What you get

Every month we’ll send you a report with a range of useful information about the state of your IT. This report includes:

  • Information on the health and performance of your IT infrastructure
  • A summary of the IT support requirements of your business
  • Insights into common request types and users requiring the most assistance
  • Identification of common issues and advice on how to proactively prevent issues
  • In-depth information on your IT infrastructure including backup reports, capacity planning, antivirus status, software licensing and upcoming renewals

Other reports we provide include:

  • Annual IT Budget – Identifies likely IT hardware and infrastructure costs over the next 12 months
  • Major Incident Report – Detailed information on the cause, impact and resolution of major incidents with an investigation of changes required to prevent recurrences

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