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Your IT Manager works with you to ensure that your IT is performing at its best and assists you with achieving your business outcomes. Your IT Manager is a single point of contact responsible for coordinating our service to you. Your IT Manager can help with:

  • Advice and assistance for improving the performance of your IT infrastructure
  • Reducing IT costs by identifying areas in your IT that are consuming a lot of support resources
  • Escalating issues that require immediate resolution
  • Keeping you up to date on the health and performance of your IT infrastructure
  • Advice on technological changes to facilitate better business outcomes
  • Identifying areas requiring specialist advice and expertise

If you have an existing IT Manager or CIO, our IT Manager can work collaboratively with them to achieve your business outcomes.

What’s in it for you?

  • Higher productivity because you can safely delegate your IT management and concentrate on your business
  • Efficient communication with a single point of contact who is responsible for our service to you
  • Assurance you are getting expert advice and information about the current state of your IT infrastructure
  • Lower costs through recommendations for reducing IT operational costs
  • Better budgeting through reports and advice on the current state of your IT infrastructure
  • Better budgeting through identification of requirements for future upgrades and replacements


What our clients say:

“When we had a couple of computers and needed support we were fortunate to meet Office Solutions IT and get their direction. These days we are a multi-million dollar organisation that is IT savvy and employs some of the best people in environmental consultancy. We do not compromise on quality in our work and the same values apply to our outsourced IT people. We believe Office Solutions IT are second to none.”

Tamara Smith, Director – 360 Environmental Pty Ltd

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