Make IT firefighting a thing of the past.

Stop reacting to IT issues. Start anticipating and averting them. With your very own Office Solutions IT Support team continually adapting to seamlessly support your IT, you can get off the back foot. Spend less time counting the productivity cost of fighting fires, and more time fighting for market share. Make your IT resources and budget work harder, faster.

It’s time to turn that IT frown upside down.

Our Support Services are:


IT Support

Quickly resolving IT issues with your applications and technology

Shared IT

Assisting your internal IT team with the tools and support they need to succeed

IT Management

Advising you about what’s going on with your IT and how it can be improved

IT Reporting

Updating you on the state of your IT, including financial reporting

IT Security

Protecting your business from threats

Continuity Planning

Ensuring your business can recover quickly from a disaster

Our Support Services get (and keep) your IT working smoothly so you can do business better.

How are we different?

Your very own IT Team.

We deliver our business IT support in teams. These teams are small enough to get to know you, your team and your business. Our team based approach ensures we have the capacity to respond quickly and the depth of knowledge to resolve your issue fast. Learn more about our IT Support service.

IT that’s cared for.

Our Support Services are managed by a dedicated IT Manager who coordinates our service with you. Our IT Manager works with you to ensure that your IT is helping your business succeed. As an example, one of the IT Managers priorities is to reduce your IT costs by identifying problem areas and offering advice on how to improve them.  Learn more about our IT Management service.

Know what’s going on.

Monthly reporting on all aspects of your IT. One report displays your IT costs broken down into categories. For example, you can see exactly how much it costs to keep that old computer running. Reporting is also provided on: warranty and licensing renewals, software in use, health and age of equipment, backup status and security information. Learn more about IT Reporting.


What’s in it for you?

  • Someone is always available to take  your call if there is a high priority issue
  • We quickly get to know your team and business because of our small team structure
  • Peace of mind that your IT is being well managed
  • You can spend less time on IT


Where to from here?

Do you want to get your IT working smoothly?

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About our IT Solutions:

We provide both small business IT support and corporate IT support. We provide these IT services using the outsourced IT service provider model.  For more information about our IT Managed Services , please contact us.


What our clients say:

“Our systems were in bad shape and our staff were continually being disrupted with IT down time. Putting it politely, our IT support left a lot to be desired. Then we found Office Solutions IT and it has been a great experience. We appreciate their ‘can do attitude’ which reflects from the owners and management all the way ... to the engineers on the support desk. We are thrilled to have our IT network managed by such a progressive company.”

Mark Di Silvio, CFO – Mawson West Ltd

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