Data migration is a process for accurately and reliably transferring the data from one system to another. Data migration is relatively straightforward but it is important to do it in a professional manner. If not done professionally, it can usually be rectified but can be very expensive to do so.

We ensure that each migration is planned, implemented, and verified with a focus on quality and efficiency.


  • Assurance that all data to be migrated has been identified, classified and located
  • Assurance that the data mapping from one system to another is complete and accurate
  • Assurance that data to be transferred is clean and had had redundancies and duplications removed.
  • Assurance that the data migration has been tested and quality assured
  • Assurance that if the system is live, a roll back option is in place in case of failure
  • Assurance that once the data has been migrated, it has been tested and quality checked so there will be no surprises down the track
  • Assurance that legacy data can be accessed in the future

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