Microsoft Office

Whilst many businesses work with Microsoft Office, few utilise its full potential. Our knowledge of Microsoft Office products can save you time and money.

We sell, install, configure and provide support for all Microsoft Office products, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access and more.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft Office in the cloud.  Office 365 is not a direct replica of Office. It has additional applications that make it more oriented to team work and internal communication. Being in the cloud it allows staff to access applications and data on multiple devices or locations e.g. an airport lounge computer.

Rather than an upfront fee, Office 365 plans are paid for on a subscription basis — monthly or annually.

Our team is qualified to set up and support of all aspects of Office 365.  We can smoothly migrate all your existing information from onsite and cloud locations to Office 365. We can also manage the day to day administration tasks. We also provide training.


  • Assurance that comes from the reliability of a Microsoft hosted solution
  • The flexibility to adjust usage on a monthly basis
  • Simplified administration as software updating is done by Microsoft
  • Portability so you can work anywhere, on any device
  •  Synchronize your email, calendar, contacts, documents and spreadsheets across multiple devices
  • Shared mailboxes and calendars for managing resources such as meeting rooms or equipment.
  • Email, Calendar and Contacts are backed up on the server so if you lose your computer you do not lose your work
  • Access to emails from anywhere and with any device
  • Easier information distribution by having a central repository for your documents that’s accessible anywhere
  • Multiple people editing documents at the same time
  • Company-wide calendars, (eg leave calendars)
  • Screen sharing with Skype for Business
  • Virtual whiteboards for training and collaboration

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