Fast and reliable internet.

We provide solutions to ensure that you get a fast and reliable Internet connection to meet your business needs.

If you’re using cloud services a high quality internet connection is important.  Internet services like ADSL, generally associated with home use, can lead to a poor user experience if you are tapping into the benefits of the cloud.

We can assist you with procurement, deployment and support for your Internet connection using a range of different technologies. For the technically minded, these include ADSL, BDSL, Fibre, Midband and VSAT technologies.

We have great working relationships with a number of different providers who will help us find the most suitable and cost effective service for you.

We provide regular reviews to ensure your system is well managed and delivering value for money.


  • Independent advice as to the right provider to assist you in making a sound business decision
  • Accurate measurement of what is needed to support your business sufficiently
  • Assistance in negotiating corporate rates on your behalf to get improved speeds and cost savings

What our clients say:

“Office Solutions IT (OSIT) has been working with us for over 18 months providing an IT support solution that is the best we have ever experienced. Prior to OSIT coming on board, RISC’s IT system was ageing and struggling to keep up with our changing business. Office Solutions IT has been proactive in helping us update and renew our core infrastructure to better meet our needs. We have confidence that they are always available (by phone or email) to answer questions or solve IT problems. OSIT has also proactively assisted us with project design, rollout and implementation and have consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Martin Wilkes, Principal Advisor – RISC Advisory Ltd

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