A Private Network is provides a business with a much higher level of security, speed and reliability than the Internet.   A hybrid solutions is the Virtual Private Network which uses the Internet but provides the same security benefits as a provate network with the flexibility to add more users  easily.

We are able to supply and configure private networks including  virtual private networks (VPN), private tails and Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation. These services are often implemented together with  Internet Connection solutions.

Private Networks

A private tail is a connection only accessible by authorised parties.  There is a restriction on who can access the network and the data that can be moved onto or off the network.  The main advantages are security and reliability. You don’t lose your Internet connection on a private network and the speed generally stays stable.

We can implement and support simple point to point local connections as well as complex multi-site/multi-provider remote connections across many countries.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network using the Internet to provide remote offices, or individual users, with secure access to their organization’s network.

A VPN is an attempt to achieve the security and privacy advantages of a private network while remaining connected to public networks and the Internet. As such, it is a method of securing public networks and not a private network in itself, but it offers increased functionality and an acceptable level of security for many small businesses.

We can set up and support your VPN using a pick and mix selection of the public internet, private tails using the SonicWALL and the Cisco range of products.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimisation, also known as WAN acceleration, is applied to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information. It covers your internet connection, virtual private network or connected offices.  We typically use Riverbed technologies. 

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