We have numerous clients taking advantage of a virtual infrastructure.

Virtual infrastructure is a technical term for setting up one physical computer to pretend it is two computers.  This has a number of advantages in saving costs through not having to buy multiple computers, matching hardware and software, and managing security.


  • Less costs through lower hardware, power and space requirements.
  • Less cost as can quickly and easily provision new servers into the environment.
  • Higher productivity because we can reallocate computer resources with no downtime.
  • Ensure applications stay available
  • Better speed and response because the we can prioritize the most important applications to ensure they receive the resources required to meet your business needs.
  • Simplify systems management and operations.
  • Simplify and improve the disaster recovery process

In technical terms, our team is experienced at deploying simple single virtual machine (VM) hosts as well as multi host, multi storage, and redundant, high availability virtual clusters across multiple sites.  We typically use Hyper-V and VMware technologies.

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