Most businesses generate a lot of data that has to be stored in a reliable and secure way. Nearly everyone we know has had a hard disk crash at some point or at least knows someone who has.  So having reliable and secure storage is a paramount requirement of any business. One of the lessons is cheapest is not necessarily best. While you can buy storage at $100 a terabyte from Harvey Norman this is not in any way “industrial strength” storage for a business.

We can set up the most cost-optimal storage solution for you in terms of capacity, speed and reliability.


  • Assurance that your storage is designed to meet your business needs in terms of the value of your data and information
  • Assurance that your storage is designed to maximise the performance of the programs you use
  • Assurance that your storage matches your business requirements in terms of access from your business, your home and on the road
  • Assurance that you have the most cost-optimal storage solution

For the more technically minded this includes:

  • Procurement, deployment and support of SANs, NAS’ and internal HDD storage for servers
  • Deploying and migrating customer data using all tiers of storage devices and technologies
  • Implementation of High Availability clusters using SANs and configuring data tiering across multiple data tiers like SSD, SAS, SATA.
  • NAS’ backup and data archiving solutions
  • Configuration of different RAID levels depending on your data size and speed requirements.

If that list sounds like alphabet soup, we’ll translate it into plain English for you.

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