See how your IT aligns with your business strategy.

The Strategic IT Health Check provides you with a strategic level overview of how you current IT aligns with your business strategy, goals and objectives. The check provides a clear understanding of what, why and how your IT is meeting your needs. The report highlights risks and opportunities for the use of IT to improve your business.

This Health Check is non-technology related. No technology knowledge is required to participate in this process.


  • Clarity on whether your current IT meets the information requirements of your business and opportunities for improvement
  • Clarity on whether to proceed with investigating a replacement application or a new system for part(s) of your business
  • Ability to budget for changes to your IT over the long term
  • Identification of redundant or non-contributing IT and associated cost reduction


  • A report on the high-level information needs in your business
  • A report on how well your current systems meet your information needs
  • A report about how well your current IT system aligns with your business goals and objectives
  • A report on options for improving the alignment and meeting any unmet information requirements
  • A report on industry standards for your business and how you compare
  • Action plan for moving forward

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