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The comprehensive IT health check is technology focused.  It is for businesses that:

  • Feel that they are not getting the most out of their systems
  • Have security, legal, privacy or concerns
  • Not happy with their current support services
  • Wish to change to using our IT support services
  • To better plan for the future

The Comprehensive IT Health  Check is technology focused and evaluates your current IT state and management practices. We then compare each area’s IT support costs so you can see exactly how much you are spending.  Often this leads to a discussion about how to improve specific areas and reduce your overall support costs.


  • Reduced costs through improved IT reliability and utilisation
  • Less downtime and improved security through an understanding of the risks in your IT environment
  • Potential cost savings in IT support and operations
  • Potential process improvements
  • Options for where you may be able to get improved value for your IT dollar
  • Options for improving IT speed and processing


  • Overview of your IT infrastructure, including what and how it all works together
  • Overview of the server and network configuration
  • Assessment of your backups and disaster recovery readiness
  • Likely recovery time in the event of disaster
  • License compliance and version
  • Infrastructure weak point and single-point-of-failures
  • Warranties
  • Antivirus detection and antivirus update status
  • Security risks
  • Update and patching status of software and operating systems

Optional deliverables can also be selected:

  • Network security audit
  • Folder security audit
  • Network cabling audit
  • Technical discovery of domains, hosting & internet providers
  • Details on computers, including programs installed and age
  • Network diagram
  • Performance Analysis
  • IT Audit for regulatory compliance

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