Unleash the potential of your mobile devices.

Almost every business uses mobile devices to some degree. The incredible level of penetration is testimony to their usefulness. However, we have found not everything about using mobile devices is rosy.  Buying the devices and then figuring out how to use them in your business is expensive. It wastes a lot of time and usually does not really unleash the potential in the devices.

Research shows that:

  • 75% of businesses have staff using laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones to assist in them their daily work
  • Typically the benefits from using mobile technologies are mixed
  • Business are typically adopting a wait and see approach which is not realising the value available
  • Mobile technologies create a range of security and other risks which are not being managed

We are able to undertake analysis or a review to determine what activities in your business are best suited to mobile devices. As part of this analysis, we use our experience and knowledge to identify activities or potential uses you may not consider.

What’s in it for you?

  • Minimising expense and loss of time through managing security risks associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Minimising time and expense associated with identifying how to incorporate mobile devices into the business
  • Generating potential increases in sales, customer and staff satisfaction,  process efficiency and communication effectiveness through identifying new ways of using the devices


  • Identification of business activities that can benefit from mobile access
  • Mapping of activities to relevant applications (apps)
  • Comparison and assessment of applications for fitness of purpose
  • Plan for integrating mobile work/apps into existing processes
  • Plan for implementation including testing, installation and training
  • Plan for managing devices over the long term including back up plans for loss of devices etc

What our clients say:

“When we had a couple of computers and needed support we were fortunate to meet Office Solutions IT and get their direction. These days we are a multi-million dollar organisation that is IT savvy and employs some of the best people in environmental consultancy. We do not compromise on quality in our work and the same values apply to our outsourced IT people. We believe Office Solutions IT are second to none.”

Tamara Smith, Director – 360 Environmental Pty Ltd

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