Improve your teams productivity.

Many of our clients operate virtual teams — particularly in the mining industry. This can include team members who work different shifts or locations.

One of our consultants has undertaken 15 years of research into virtual teams at Curtin University and worked with a variety of organisations in government, small business and the defence industry. The research shows that many organisations have significant problems in getting virtual teams to work. Generally these problems can be resolved with planning and experience. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Higher productivity through design and implementation of more efficient processes for managing workflows
  • Less expense through quicker establishment of teams and moving into productive work
  • Avoiding unnecessary expense by excluding work unsuitable for virtual teams
  • Higher chances of achieving team goals and keeping the team together


Planning for moving to virtual teams or advice regarding assisting virtual team is very individualised to the situation. In general the service we can provide include:

  • Presentations or workshops on the pitfalls of virtual team work and how to avoid them
  • Mapping the tasks of the team to the processes needed to support them to the best types of technology to support those processes
  • Design of structures for managing a virtual team
  • Identification and assessment of applications and technology to support the processes
  • Design and implementation of the technical infrastructure
  • 4 hour workshop on working in a virtual team; and
  • 4 hour or 1 day workshop on managing a virtual team

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