The purchase of a new system is often done so because there is a perceived benefit. Nailing down what those benefits are is a bit of a dark art.

Our benefits management services provides a process for identifying  in a more explicit way the benefits available from a new system and then how these will be achieved. This can then be used to manage the implementation to realise those benefits.

Research indicates benefits management provides a sound framework for ensuring your new system delivers value.


  • Significantly increases the likelihood of achieving business benefits from IT investment
  • Provides a framework for identifying, planning, measuring and actively managing business benefits
  • Sets up process to realise additional benefits over the long term
  • Our specialist knowledge of many types of business using many different applications helps identify benefits
  • Increase the control and the traceability of investments as well as the accountability for results
  • Reduce project failure rates, and reduced financial losses related to project failures


  • List of the benefits to be achieved from a new (or existing) application or system
  • Identification of costs over the life of the investment
  • Business Case containing options, benefits and costs to assist in making an informed decision
  • Mapping of benefits to the functionality of the application or system
  • Responsibility assignments for realising the benefits
  • Action plan for how the benefits are to be realising
  • Monitoring process for the project to ensure benefits are realised

The first two phases of benefits management involve a facilitated process for establishing the benefits specific to an application. Typically, these are divided up into tangible and intangible benefits, and short term and long term benefits.

A mapping process is used to link the benefits to the functionality of the application. It becomes clear how the planned benefits are to be achieved. This information can then be used to assist in the development of a business case and project management.

The third to fifth phases of benefits management involve managing the project and assigning responsibilities so that the identified benefits are achieved.

As well providing a process to identify benefits we use our expertise to provide a checklist of potential benefits to guide the process.

The later phases of benefits management provide a foundation for project management. It ensures the project management deliverables are directly linked to the benefits and that the achievement of the benefits is at the forefront of the project management. It can also include activities for identifying unexpected benefits and incorporating these into the project or noting for the future.

Cranfield Benefits Management Process*

* Ward, J., Taylor, P., and Bond, P., Evaluation and realisation of IS/IT benefits: an empirical study of current practice, in: European Journal of Information Systems, 4, 1996, pp. 214-225.


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