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With our Software Requirement Analysis Service, we take you through a process that is designed to help you decide on the best software solution for your business.  This allows you to make sure you have made the right decision concerning your software. The wrong software package or the wrong vendor can cause big issues for your business.

Our expertise and experience can prove valuable in identifying poorly designed or programmed software, poor software-process alignment, software that has bugs, assessing vendor capabilities, loopholes in contracts or ensuring that the division of responsibilities between vendor and client is workable.

One of our areas of expertise is in Accounting & ERP solutions.

Step 2 of 2 in Choosing Software.

Software Selection is the second step of the two-step process for choosing software or a package. The first step is requirements analysis. Once the requirements are identified we can assist you in locating and choosing products and vendors, and assessing the functionality, quality and benefits of their products and services.

What’s in it for you?

  • Assurance you have a process to follow to make an informed decision
  • Assurance you have chosen the best value for money solution
  • Assurance that the software selected has the functionality to meet your requirements
  • Clarity in where software is unable to meet requirements
  • Assurance that there are no traps contained in the contract
  • Assurance that the vendor chosen has the necessary expertise, resources and financial capacity to assist you in implementing the software

Deliverables: What do you get as part of your Software Requirement Analysis?

  • Comparison of software packages based on checklists developed in requirements analysis
  • Assessment of vendors
  • Decision matrix with weighted criteria for comparing alternatives
  • Recommendations with pros and cons 

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“We feel so comfortable working with the Office Solutions IT (OSIT) team we have them around to our home. We value the long term friendship we share with our out sourced IT (OSIT) support, they are responsive, knowledgeable and very attentive to how we need particular things done. We see ourselves working closer together in the future as IT becomes even more vital in our business and life success.”

Nichola D’Monte, CFO – Colorado Properties

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