Identify your business IT requirements.

With our IT Requirement Analysis service you are able to make informed decisions about new IT investments.

We take you through a process that is aimed at identifying what your business needs from new software. This is business focused and not technology focused. We work with you to identify the specific requirements for your new software prior to purchase. 

This is a key step to selecting the correct software package for your business.

One of our areas of expertise is in Accounting & ERP solutions.

Step 1 of 2 in Choosing Software.

Typically, an IT requirement analysis is used before choosing a ‘software package’. This can include new accounting or ERP software, moving to mobile work processes, intranet design,  or a paperless office. The second step is the software and vendor selection.

What’s in it for you? Why carry out an IT Requirement Analysis?

  • Informed decision making about new IT investments
  • Better understanding of your business
  • Ensuring ALL your requirements are included including information security
  • Taking focus away from cost to what provides value for your business and return on investment
  • Clear path for deciding which is the best software for your business
  • Easier implementation of new software because it is better matched to your business
  • Less changes to the business to match the software
  • Better reporting from new systems leading to better decision making
  • Happier employees because software makes their job easier

Deliverables: What reports to you get as part of your IT Requirement Analysis?

  • Descriptions of key functionality and processes
  • Checklists of mandatory, useful and optional requirements
  • Checklists of ALL requirements including response times; information security; storage; database tuning etc
  • Specifications of reporting and other outputs
  • Specifications of how software is required to link to other systems 

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What our clients say:

“We feel so comfortable working with the Office Solutions IT (OSIT) team we have them around to our home. We value the long term friendship we share with our out sourced IT (OSIT) support, they are responsive, knowledgeable and very attentive to how we need particular things done. We see ourselves working closer together in the future as IT becomes even more vital in our business and life success.”

Nichola D’Monte, CFO – Colorado Properties

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