Drive efficiency through your IT.

Much of the initial value of IT is in efficiency gains from improved processes. We offer process improvement as a service to assist you in generating value from your IT.

We look at existing processes to identify potential inefficiencies or redundant workflows.  We can then work with you to redesign these processes.

What’s in it for you?

  • Processes are designed to work with new software rather than against it
  • Processes are focused on speed, efficiency and elimination of double handling
  • Elimination of design errors and costly redesigns after implementation

Many mid-sized business encounter problems when attempting to computerise existing processes, especially manual processes. Manual processes have a great deal of flexibility while computers are quite inflexible.  When the existing process are informal and flexible, computerising to a formal and inflexible processes can really hamstring the business.  Processes can become more inefficient than before they were computerised.

In addition to avoiding problems, process improvement can generate value by taking advantage of the functionality built into the software.

This can be especially important to businesses that are changing or upgrading their ERP or document management software. You need to have stable and consistent processes in place that are suitable for moving to a digital process.


  • Descriptions and process maps for new processes including transitions between activities
  • Test results and redesign for using new processes before going live
  • Descriptions of responsibilities associated with new processes including changed position descriptions
  • Measurements for checking whether the process is working
  • Plans for testing new process before purchase or implementation

What our clients say:

“When we had a couple of computers and needed support we were fortunate to meet Office Solutions IT and get their direction. These days we are a multi-million dollar organisation that is IT savvy and employs some of the best people in environmental consultancy. We do not compromise on quality in our work and the same values apply to our outsourced IT people. We believe Office Solutions IT are second to none.”

Tamara Smith, Director – 360 Environmental Pty Ltd

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