Ensure your IT investment will have the highest business impact.

The objective of IT Strategic Planning is to identify how and where information systems does or can generate value in your business. One benefit of this is cost savings through IT investments based on business objectives.

IT Strategic Planning is a non-technology related process that focuses on the information used and needed in your business.  It is a process designed to link strategic business requirements to the demand for information and processing.

What’s in it for you?

  • Assurance that you have the appropriate systems in place
  • Assurance that potential IT investments will help the business
  • Assurance that IT investment will be on areas of highest business impact
  • Avoid purchases of systems that are hype
  • Clarity on where your business sits within industry use of IT
  • Clarity on where IT generates value in your business
  • Greater certainty for budgeting
  • Cost savings though elimination of redundancies
  • Costs savings through IT investments based on business objectives
  • Costs savings though coherent approach to IT budgeting rather than ad-hoc purchasing with high costs of integration

In addition to facilitating the process, we provide expertise on the technology that is available and how it is used within other businesses so you can identify the opportunities for your business.

Our clients who have been through this process are often amazed at the clarity it gives them in understanding the relationship between their business and IT. This clarity gives them a feeling of greater certainty in making decisions about IT in the future. For some, it can even cause a rethink of their business strategy.

The process:

  • Identifies which systems have the most business impact
  • Identify potential systems investments that are strategic to the business
  • Identify which new technologies may become strategic to the business
  • Aligns business and IT through information and processing requirements
  • Identifies gaps and redundancies in IT systems
  • Develops a prioritised portfolio of potential, current and redundant applications of IT.

If your business is undertaking its own strategic planning workshop it may be worthwhile to add in a couple of hours to include the IT aspects for that strategic plan.

What’s in it for you?

  • An assessment of your current IT and how it is aligned to your business goals and objectives
  • An assessment of industry standards for your business and how you compare
  • An assessment of the links between newer technologies and your business
  • A prioritised list of future potential IT purchases and how these can be applied in the business.

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