Organise your information.

Research shows that up to 30% of an office worker’s day can be spent looking for “stuff”. Our Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions give you the tools you need to effectively store and manage your information. We adhere to the disciplines of document, records and knowledge management when delivering these solutions to you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your team can quickly and easily store, process and retrieve the information needed for their work
  • Centralised storage, easy editing and easy location of your templates
  • Centralised storage of prices lists, vendor manuals, standards etc.
  • Save time by making documents easy to locate for your staff
  • Digital workflows for processes such as purchasing or leave form submission
  • Reduction of double-handling and lost paperwork
  • Higher customer satisfaction through better service and efficient processes
  • Easy to locate documents and records in case of tax audit or legal action
  • Eliminate clutter from your office through digital storage

Electronic Archiving

Archiving is the process of identifying and moving data from day to day use to long term storage. This may be for legal or compliance purposes.

Not only can we assist you in the development and implementation of an archiving strategy, we can also assist you in identifying a suitable cloud-based archiving service. We ensure that the recovery processes are well defined and communicated to your staff.

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