Identify the reasons to make a change.

We assist you in discovering the benefits that your business needs and then building a business case to ensure that your investment is properly considered. By formally identifying these benefits you can ensure that any solution meets your needs.

The process is about identifying the options, identifying the benefits of each option and comparing them to an estimation of the costs. The cost estimation is over the lifetime of the investment.  Often businesses tend to estimate only the upfront cost. A more accurate method is using Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO provides an easy but realistic framework to estimate the costs over the life of the investment.

The business case process is a shortened version of the Benefits Management process.  Benefits Management  also provides process to realise the benefits identified.

What’s in it for you?

  • Assurance from having a process in place to assist in making an informed decision
  • Assurance that the best option for an IT investment has been identified and evaluated
  • Clarity on the costs of IT investment over the lifetime of the investment
  • Identification of benefits of an investment — both tangible and intangible


  • Documented options for achieving the same result
  • Cost-benefit analysis of different options
  • Results from proof-of-concept testing
  • Recommendations and rationale for preferred option
  • Action plan for proceeding

What our clients say:

“Office Solutions IT (OSIT) and our business are a match made in heaven. The OSIT team are, like us, a little crazy when it comes to things they are passionate about and when the heat is on they are cool in a crisis. We continue to throw them challenges and they just get better!”

Tracy Costanzo, Office Manager – Perth Glory Football Club

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