Get the right Accounting or ERP application.

There are very few businesses that do not have some form of Accounting and/or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. These form the foundation of record keeping and information management in many businesses.  Get the wrong application or the wrong vendor and the business can really suffer.

We have the staff and know-how to assist you in selecting the right accounting or ERP package and vendor for your business for your business. We can help you set it up, train your staff and make sure you get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And, if you have attempted to set up an accounting system or other ERP system and it has not gone well, we have specialist expertise in turning these projects around.


  • Peace of mind in using a one stop provider with both technical and accounting system experts
  • Assurance that the software is being used as designed so that there will not be problems after implementation
  • Assurance that the matching between business processes and the software will be as optimal as possible
  • Report driven implementation which is designed to meet business requirements rather than technical driven implementation

We are experienced with MYOB, Xero, Reckon software and in matching the business processes to realise the value of the software.

We can source or develop add-ons to meet specific requirements. We can assist in getting the right data, information and reports from these systems to enable you to truly manage your business.

We can liaise with your accountant to ensure they are kept in the loop, and supplied with the necessary data or reports necessary to meet your tax and other compliance requirements.

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